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It has been 101 years since the publication of the ‘Rebellious’ poem

মহা-বিদ্রোহী রণ-ক্লান্ত
আমি সেই দিন হব শান্ত,
যবে উৎপীড়িতের ক্রন্দন-রোল,
আকাশে বাতাসে ধ্বনিবে না,
অত্যাচারীর খড়গ কৃপাণ ভীম রণ-ভূমে রণিবে না।
Kazi Nazrul Islam

The lines written by the poet are still vivid today. The words of the ‘great rebel’ in protest against the injustice still make waves in the blood. His ‘Unnat Shir’ has moved the consciousness of crores of people time and time again. Today Friday (January 6) marks the 101th anniversary of the publication of the poet Kazi Nazrul Islam’s ‘rebellious’ poem in the newspaper. On this day in 1922, the poem was first published in the weekly ‘Bijli’. Due to readership, the issue had to be reprinted immediately after printing. A total of 29,000 copies were printed in two printings.

The poem written in Martavarita is as fresh today as it was a hundred and one years ago. Although it is not called a direct metric, in the words of Abdul Mannan Syed, it has to be said that the poem of ‘six-level open metric’ is asymmetric, with a large number of fractions and superlatives. 

According to many, Kazi Nazrul Islam wrote the poem of 139 lines in one night in December 1921.

The use of mythological metaphors in Chhatra Chhatra in this poem is so accurate that it fascinates the reader. There is a mixture of Greek and Indian myths. 

Analyzing the nature of the poem, it can be understood that it is mainly written on communism. So even today, the lines are swaying in the communist spirit –

‘Bal Veer –/Bal Umadat Mam Shir!/Shir Nehari Amari Natshir Oi Shikhar Himadri!/Bal Veer –/Bal Veer –/Bol Bishwa’s Space Fadi/Moon Sun Planet Tara Cha Chai/Bhoolok Dhulok Golak Bediya/God’s Seat ‘Arsh’ Chedia,/I rise forever – Wonder I’m the God of the world!’

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