About Us

‘Sar Samachar’ is an online newspaper dedicated to Bengali literature. We publish articles on the latest news, reviews, interviews, and more from the world of literature. Our goal is to promote Bengali literature and keep our readers connected to the literary world.

What We Do

Publish articles on various forms of literature, including poetry, novels, short stories, essays, and more.
Feature interviews with renowned Bengali writers, poets, and literary critics.
Provide news on upcoming events in the literary world, such as book fairs and literary awards.
Publish analytical articles on the history of literature, biographies of writers, and different literary movements.
Create a platform for readers to discuss and share their opinions on literature.

Our Team

Sar Samachar is comprised of a team of passionate writers and editors. Our team members have a deep interest in literature and are committed to providing readers with the best news and information.

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We always welcome your feedback and suggestions. If you have any questions or comments about Sar Samachar, please visit our Contact Us page.
We hope you enjoy your experience with Sar Samachar.

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