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Shaluq International Literary Conference 2023

The two-day Shaluk International Literary Sammilan-2023 is starting on March 10, with the slogan ‘Come to the light of modernity and look for roots’.This information was given in a press conference at Zahur Hossain Chowdhury Auditorium of National Press Club on Tuesday (February 28).The organizers said that Shaluq is going to organize this event for the first time. More than five hundred poets-writers-translators-artists from the country and abroad will participate in this two-day literary conference. The inaugural function of the conference will be held on Friday, March 10 at 9:30 am at the International Mother Language Institute in Segun Bagicha. Multiple working sessions will be held on that day and the program will continue till 9 pm. The work sessions will include discussions on local and foreign art and culture, poetry readings and various cultural activities.On the second day, on March 11, there will be various day-long sessions at Dhaka’s Katabanas Pathak Assembly. On this day too, the end of the meeting will be announced after several working sessions.Shaluq editor and journalist Obaid Akash said, Shaluq is a newspaper of modernist thought. Shaluq’s aim is not only to borrow foreign culture, but to present its own tradition and culture as a model to the whole world, to search for Bengali self-identity through the search for new talents. Shaluq strongly believes in the anti-conventional or anti-institutional stance of Little Magazine, and the works published by Shaluq are always exceptional and innovative.He said that Shaluq has launched ‘Shaluq Sahitya Adda’ every month as one of its literary activities. There is a gathering of young people with new ideas. To do this work on a wider scale, for the first time, Shaluq has organized an International Literary Conference. Shaluq wants his activities to spread to different parts of the country and abroad and all good feelings should be enlightened by Shaluq’s literary spirit.Mahfuz Al Hossain, associate editor of Shaluq, said, such an arrangement is undoubtedly an exceptional event for a small magazine. Already ‘Shaluk’ has proved itself as one of the most important little magazines in Bengali language. He has countless readers and well-wishers in the country and abroad. Through this international gathering, Shaluq basically wants to present his dream globally.He said that Shaluk’s dream is a borderless literary world, but Bengaliness is the title, to move forward in the richness of nature consciousness and unconventionality. Entering the literary world does not mean imitating western or foreign culture, but presenting to the world a vast and original cultural world that we also have. If the other world can be enlightened by the light of our tradition and individuality, then there lies our success. Shaluq’s conviction of self-reliance will make us aware, and it will be the name of a new stimulus to the people of the world. Shaluq’s activities will continue. This International Literary Conference will be held every two years and Shaluq’s 25th anniversary will be celebrated in Sambar next year.Shaluq associate editor Moniruzzaman Mintu was also present at the press conference.

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